Top 10 Posts of the Year

Different Frequencies is a young blog, but it has been successful as far as I am concerned. In less than six full months, I've had over 3000 page loads. Granted, many of those are not folks who are sticking around, but some of them are, and I'm grateful for those of you who have been around and are sticking around.

To celebrate the moderate success (in my terms), I give you my Top-10 for the year:

10: Parable of the Lost Computer Cables (Just for fun)
09: An Average Saint (Realizing my place in the Spiritual System)
08: Thoughts on Theology (Had some lively discussion on my thoughts on theory vs practice)
07: My Son: Future Warrior (I love my boy, and I have been trying to instill a fighter spirit in his heart)
06: Fatherly Guilt (Why I stopped playing video games so much with my son)
05:  We Planted a Church (I'm so happy with how this year went on the ship, and this shows why)
04: The Abortion Debate (I am trying to tackle more important issues and this got a lot of comments)
03:  Long-Distance Discipline (For all you Military Fathers)
02:  When I grow up (Some great discussion on this post!)
01: Baptism in the Pacific (I got to baptize a young sailor this summer! So awesome!)

If you're still new to Different Frequencies, I want to invite you to take a look at some of these posts to get a feel of the blog. I've got some good things ahead for 2010 which I will discuss in a soon-to-be-revealed post. Stay tuned!

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