Save me from Myself; By: Brian "Head" Welch

There are many things that most readers don't know about me. One of the things I will admit to you now is that I like hard music. Sometimes angry music. When I had a seriously rough spot in my Christian life, where I basically stopped being a Christian, I went head-first into this sort of music to deal with some depression (ironic, I know) and to let my feelings out. One of the groups I went for was Korn. I loved Korn. I listened to thier stuff because it was angry, mean, and vengeful...just like I was toward God.

I confess all of this because a few years back I heard that the lead guitarist for the band quit because he became a Christian. I thought it was impressive, but didn't put any stock into it. I figured he was just like any other celebrity who thanked God for his "new" life and then kept doing the same things.

"Head" (his nickname) is different. I've read his book Save me from Myself and I'm as convinced as a person can be that he truly is born again. It's an amazing story that I think anyone who went after this hard music should read.

One of the greatest things about his testimony isn't what God saved him from, although getting away from the drugs, alcohol, sex, etc, was an amazing story. What was most powerful is what happened after he was saved. He wanted others to know. In this book there are at least three people who came to Christ because of direct testimony from Brian. A couple of former associates and his ex-wife...all because of his testimony. And I hope many, many, Korn fans. But the bottom line is that he couldn't keep his mouth shut about his new life. He had to tell people. As a believer who witnesses on my ship, this is the sign of a new life. In most of the conversions I have witnessed on board the USS Antietam, I have noticed one thing in particular: "I have to tell my wife!" It's the most blessed experience to have, and I'm glad to see it in Brian as well.

I know some of the folks who read this blog think that heavy metal is the devil's music (which it is), so reading a testimony from a former musician might not interest you, but I'm telling you right now, his testimony is powerful. The anger he had towards everyone around him and God resonated with me, as I found myself angry at God a few years back as well.

The book is written fairly well. It has a slow start, but it is important because it sets the stage for what happened when he finally got Korn off the ground (he was a founding member). There is some cursing in it, so beware of that if it offends you. This is a good read overall though, and the wild-ride he goes on after becoming a believer is amazing.


Don the Baptist said...

Cool. I know some people who need to read this.

The Navy Christian said...

I have already given my copy to someone on my ship. It's that good.