A Letter to the National Football League

Dear NFL players, coaches, etc.

We don’t pay to come to games, buy shirts, and the like to watch you quit on games or "rest." Stop doing it. Thank you for your time.

S. Daniel Smith


Anonymous said...


Can we send a letter to Fox about the robot football player? He's not even doing football moves anymore, he's playing air-guitar!

The Navy Christian said...

You're not kidding! I've just started ignoring it. It was cool for a while. My last straw was when he was turned into a turkey for Thanksgiving. Not cool.

Alicia said...

Dear S. Daniel Smith,

To be completely forthcoming, we don't care what you think. We know you WILL buy tickets and overpriced shirts no matter what quality of game we provide you, so we will continue to do whatever is in our best interest.

(or more specifically, the Colts)