Biggest Loser Thoughts and What a Motivator!

Ok, so I watched Biggest Loser tonight. I've never gotten into that show, mostly because I have always been in denial about my weight problem and my struggle with eating (which is usually not a struggle if you know what I mean). Anyway, that show was so amazing tonight. I'm on duty, so it meant that I needed to do a treadmill workout. With the half marathon coming up this weekend, I didn't want to do too much, but I did need to get off my lazy butt.

Watching those weigh-ins made me realize I had to do something. So I changed, went to the treadmill, and clocked my fastest 3 mile and 5K times since starting my workouts!

3 mile: 26:43
5 K: 27:33

Yes, I know, it's on a treadmill. I don't expect to do that same time on a real track. The point is that this show really motivated me tonight, and that my body can respond to stimuli. It was amazing.

What is your motivation?


Don the Baptist said...

Been clocking some miles myself, this last week. Keep it up.

Unknown said...

great job!

The Navy Christian said...

Don, nice job! I hear you guys are running a contest. Great motivation!

Thank you, AM!