National Mentoring Month

You should have a mentor. You should be a mentor. To think otherwise is to settle for less than what you are capable of.

I’m so happy to have found out that a month exists to bring mentoring to the forefront! I’ve been writing periodically about mentoring in the last six months because I realized long ago how important it is to have and to be a mentor. I can’t believe this program isn’t mentioned more or talked about in greater detail. Here we have an entire month with which to push the importance of mentoring, and yet people still aren’t on board.

Really, there’s no excuse.

I’ve written about this before, but I’m convinced that we wouldn’t need men’s groups, women’s groups, or youth groups in church if we just had good mentoring. In fact, I’ll say that I can guarantee that we wouldn’t need it.

My life has been filled to the brim with good mentors and good protégés (and of course there were some of each that weren’t so good). I’ve learned from every one of them.

So this is National Mentoring Month. Find a protégé (or mentee as they are sometimes called) and get involved! And if you’re a younger person, find a mentor! Do it now!

Here are some basic resources to get you started:

National Mentoring Month
Different Frequencies Mentoring Label (My writing on the topic)

So, do you have a mentor? Are you a mentor?


Jin-roh said...

I recently mentored someone at my Church. It was great.

I lack a mentor in Christian life at the moment. Though I have many worthy friends who have helped me in times of need.

Rev. Mike said...

I have noticed that Christian men are some of the loneliest men in existance. So to fight against this, we are in the process of organizing a men's fellowship where we hang out together. It gives us an opportunity to take off the Deacon, Trustee, Reverend titles and just be brothers in Christ. It also gives us a chance to spend time with and mentor to the teenage men in our church. Our first official meeting is in February. But this ministry is based on the same mentoring concept with the activities designed to break the ice.

The Navy Christian said...

Both of you are describing ideas that are just shy of mentoring.

Jin-roh, I would recommend finding someone who has been around your career or ministry path longer than you and start to learn from him. This is what takes it past a friendship process.

Mike, I think getting guys together for fellowship does open the avenues of mentorship, as long as mentoring ends up taking place after awhile. However, if everyone coming seems to be in the same "station of life," then it just ends up being a men's group. That would be my only thought on that. As long as a good mix of individuals are there, and men start to grow in the relationship (meaning that they don't just come for those events, but actually form relationships outside of the event), then it is a great success!