Life is War

The above drawing is from a novel I wrote many years ago. The novel, while published, didn't do anything at all, but it was a great test of my faith and got me deeper into writing. At any rate, the book is about warfare. it was a fantasy book that took spiritual warfare concepts and put them in a Roman warfare context. I was using Ephesians chapter 6 as my guide.

Even though the book didn't do well at all, the fact is that the concepts in my book are real. We really are in a spiritual battle every day. Alicia have been reminded constantly about how foreign a territory we're in right now spiritually. We are hopeful for orders that will place us near a cystic fibrosis care center for our daughter and honestly, my faith is wavering a little.

So it was really nice of God to run me past this little drawing I put together over 7 years ago. I love how he reminds me that he is in charge, and yet that I am in a war zone. I pray that you all will remember that we are in a war zone now. If you don't believe that you are in spiritual warfare, then you're just losing, because we're all in it whether we want to be or not.


Don the Baptist said...

Ooooo... another writer! Can I still get this book? Did you see mine on my blog?

The Navy Christian said...

Don, I don't know if you can purchase it anymore or not, but I might have a copy at the house I can send you. Let me look and I'll get back to you.

Oh, I did see your post on that but got distracted. I'll hunt it down again. Is it going well? Mine never did.

Don the Baptist said...

It is listed on Amazon and LULU. But so far the 30 copies I've sold have been word of mouth from friends and family.

Colombian Kilo is a submarine story. I set it aboard the 666 boat.

Self publishing is referred to as "Vanity Press" It's supposed to refer to the author's vanity, but I take it in Solomon's sense: Vanity, Vanity, All is vanity.

The Navy Christian said...

I understand the fact that your success so far is because of word of mouth. That's how mine was for the most part. My military fiction, which is also on Amazon, was almost solely sold by word of mouth.

Anyway, I'll look into it. I'd like to get it, but my book budget is being used for seminary. Give me some time and I'll read it and write a review.

Sub stuff has always been interesting for me as a regular squid. I even wanted to get into them back in the day, but I wasn't able. Should be interesting!

Stephanie Kay said...

I am a proud owner of a first edition of your book. :)

The Navy Christian said...

Thanks Stephanie! Oh, and thank you for the donation! I promise I haven't forgotten that you donated, and I will thank you properly soon.