San Francisco, continued

To understand what Mike (pictured in the middle of our group at the left) and Ann Moberg do in San Francisco through the San Francisco Missions Outpost, you have to first decide that you really care about the inner city. Until you do that, it won't really make sense. And you'll get a better feel for it if you do one of two things:

1: Go visit them. I did. I was changed. I would recommend you go to the San Francisco Missions Outpost website and start a line of communication between yourself and them. As many churches begin to consider summer missions trips, this is definitely one to ponder.

2: Buy Mike's book: The Road to Naum. My wife got it for me for Christmas and I read it in three days. I already knew a lot about the mission, but even still my eyes were opened wide after reading this very down-to-earth and yet very spiritual book. Seriously, get this book.

The definition of outpost, which is found in Mike's book, is this: A security detachment placed by a halted command to protect against enemy enterprises." If you read this book, you will understand the meaning of a Calvary Detachment to protect the harried and helpless in San Francisco from the enemy.

Please support Mike and Ann. They are warriors for the cause of Christ.


Unknown said...

Just found your blog...I would like to personally invite you to, the new social network for the CF community. I'd love to see you over there!!


The Navy Christian said...

Ronnie, I'll definitely take a look! Thanks!