Getting back in the Saddle

It's been awhile since I have posted anything. Mostly that's been because of how things have gone in life. We've been working on getting orders, fighting the orders we got, and getting things set up for the move. On top of that, I've changed from a religious studies program to an education program at Liberty University. Work has also been difficult at best. However, things are getting a little more under control now, thanks to God.

Truly, our situation in the Navy is a direct result of God's love for us. I thought we were going to go to Dahlgren Virginia, a very small base in the middle of  nowhere that was around 90 minutes from my daughter's future treatment center. I had prayed hard that we not go there, but it looked like my prayers were turned down. I was frustrated with God and I admit that it shook me deeply.

Thankfully, God has his plan and while I don't get to see it all, I get to experience it. We got confirmation last week that our orders had been canceled. We were no longer going to Virginia. Instead, we're headed to Great Lakes Naval Station in August for me to teach A-School. I'm very excited about the opportunity! I really can't wait to teach.

But back to the point...God provided for us. I had thrown in the towel on getting good orders and God came through even though I had given up. I'm humbled, grateful, and looking forward to what God has for my family.

So hopefully I'm back on it now and ready to go. And hopefully I'll be writing more too!

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