Re-launch Part II: What this Blog is About

Different Frequencies was always meant to be about me, and not in a prideful sense. I wanted a place to set my words free so they wouldn’t haunt me inside my head. Since I stopped blogging a few months ago, the sleepless nights have come back. My mind races when I have nowhere to put my thoughts. So I write them here and set them free.

I have written about everything from Christianity to the military to gluttony. I would expect that I will continue writing on such a wide array of topics, but I also expect to be a bit more activist in my writing. I’m not naturally funny, so it won’t be a humorous blog and I don’t normally write too dark, so hopefully it won’t be depressing either.

Simply put: I have some thoughts that I’d like to set free.


Stephanie Kay said...

Dan, you perfectly described why I blog. I have many thoughts in my head that I feel compelled to get out and poor Joel doesn't want to listen to me say all of them (nor does he care about all of them). Keep writing what's on your mind!

The Navy Christian said...

Stephanie, thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!