Navy PCS Part III: Prerequisites

Before I could take my position as a Navy instructor in Great Lakes Navy Base in Illinois, I needed to become qualified as an instructor. The first time I tried to go through the school, last month, I missed out because of my weight. I now know that that was ordained by God, although that fact doesn't make me less responsible. At any rate, before I could PCS and begin my journey in Great Lakes, I needed to become qualified to teach.

Enter the men and women who teach the 9502 NEC, which is the instructor classification. For two weeks, I learned how to teach both a traditional class and the more facilitated Computer Based Training (CBT). I passed with flying colors! Ok, that's not that big of a deal because everyone passed with the same colors, but I was called by one instructor a "natural" and that made me feel very, very good.

There is still a lot to learn, but for now, I can rest a little knowing that I got the major hurdle out of the way. We leave for Great Lakes next week! Stay tuned!


Stephanie Kay said...

Ah... CBT. Funny how some acronyms are the same even in the civilian world. Joel has done lots of CBT. To say he's not a fan is an understatement. :)

The Navy Christian said...

You can tell him that I definitely have my opinions, and that I think he and I share the same ones.