Smith PCS Transfer Day 03

Today, we left the Winchester Motel:

And we drove through the rest of Colorado. After Denver, all the way through Nebraska, this is what we mostly saw:

These actually reminded me of my childhood home in Kansas, although ours was bigger. Still, it was so refreshing to see so much farmland. I haven't been around anything but groves of trees and grapes, so this was so welcome! I feel blessed to have seen cows, barns, deer, and even corn today.

And then we entered Iowa at night.

I had hoped to make it through all the way to Chicagoland today/tonight, but it just wasn't meant to be. I'm glad that we got as far as we did, though, and we'll be in Chicagoland tomorrow at a decent time.

But that is tomorrow. Tonight, I'm going to bed.

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