Smith PCS Transfer Day 1

We left San Diego around 3:30pm last night headed for Las Vegas. We arrived an eternity later. Ok, not quite that long, but it felt like it. It honestly wasn't a very good day on the road.

The downhill slide started when Samantha threw up just south of Riverside. We had a bag with her, but I'm telling you, maybe 10% got into the bag. So we spent about 20 minutes in cleaning up as best we could, knowing that the full cleanup wouldn't get to happen until we got to Great Lakes.

Then we hit one wave of construction and traffic after another. It was horrible all the way past Riverside and LA, even though of course we were way East of LA. Not fun at all!

On a very fun note, we drove down part of the Strip in Las Vegas! It was so fun and the kids absolutely loved it! Samantha and Timothy love the movie Despicable Me. In the first part of the movie, the villain/good guy says, "We stole the Stature of Liberty...the small one from Las Vegas!" Well, see below:

We got to Nellis Air Force Base late last night and just crashed. This morning we're regrouping, getting me a new ID, and hitting the road bound for Denver. More updates to follow!


Stephanie Kay said...

Just think, in a couple of years you'll look back on this trip as The Nightmare and laugh as you tell it. :D

Massey's said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date!!! Just knew the kids would love the Las Vegas strip (bet you and Alicia did too). The lights are incredible. Have a safe day 2...

The Navy Christian said...

In a few years (well, three to be exact) we'll be doing this all over again and creating our new nightmares! Oh, the joys of military transfers! Hopefully, the nightmares on the next transfer will be less than this one, and we can still get a good laugh about it. Even now, our catch-line is, "at least it's not the fire ants from Tucson" and "at least we didn't lose a child this time." So yeah, it will be funny!

We did enjoy the Strip! It was totally awesome seeing those buildings up close that I had previously only seen in movies! Very good stuff. We had a great day 2. I'm about to post our update.