New Church Launch with a Military Outreach in San Diego

Pastor Howard Everett, a powerful man of God, blogs at 5 Crowns and is launching this week a church in Miramar. The thing that makes me so happy is that Howard and his team are dedicated to reaching out to local military communities. San Diego county is home to the largest military complex in the world and includes, at least in some form, all 5 services. It is a city ripe for ministry. Howard has made me proud to know him.

The River Church is launching on the 5th, which is tomorrow, and I want everyone to say a quick prayer for him, or why not spend a lot of time in prayer for him? He knows what he wants, he knows what God wants from him, and he's a dedicated mover. I'd be there if I weren't in my new duty station of Great Lakes looking for a church myself. That's how much I value this ministry.

Tomorrow is a special day for the military, with Howard reaching out specifically for them...I mean us. Thank you Howard!

Here is Howard talking about worship:

Like I said, I value Howard's work a great deal. He has mentored me in the past, and will undoubtedly continue to do so from a distance. Best wishes for tomorrow, Howard!

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