Stewardship and Saving Money

When we moved to Great Lakes, I lost around $450 a month because I left sea duty. That was a big part of our monthly income, and so we have to tighten the purse strings. Alicia and I had already made many changes to our life in light of this, but I wanted to show you evidence of one of those changes.

Haircuts, even if I go to a Navy barber, cost me around 10 bucks every two to three weeks. Over the year, that's anywhere from $200 to $250. Crazy, huh? And if I add my son's costs in there, it's nearly double that! Ok, time for a change.

Alicia and I have talked a few times about doing this before, but never got the guts to do it. So today, she gave me and Timothy our first haircuts in the post-barber life.



Alicia did ok, didn't she? So as you can see, we went with the basic cut for the military. Even though we spent $20 on the clippers, we've already made that up by not spending at least that amount on haircuts for Timothy and myself. And Alicia is only going to get better, so this is going to be even better as we go!

Being a good steward requires some decent sacrifices, big and small. My big one will be Pepsi, but for now, I'll start with this. By the way, Frugal Dad has a great article about the subject of doing crazy things to save money.


Stephanie Kay said...

Way to go Alicia!! You are so right that haircuts add up! I've been buzzing all of my guys since Ben's first hair cut (so about 4 years). Around here a basic cut will cost us $12-15 each. Multiply that by every 4-6 weeks. And multiply THAT by 4 male heads. Whew! I save a ton of money by doing it myself. I'm also planning to buy good hair shears and start cutting Ellie's hair. Then the only hair cuts we pay for will be mine. And no. I'm not letting Joel near my hair with scissors. Frugality has its limits! :D

Unknown said...

I used to have my neighbor cut mine but I've been growing it out longer lately. So I wait till I get a coupon for an 8.95 cut (usually 13.95) and get it cut as short as I can and still style it. Yeah, buzz cuts don't bode well on light skinned blonds! I get a cut about every 8 weeks. In between them I trim my own hair.

Christen gets a cut maybe once a year and Corinne has only had one trimming in her life! We're a long hair family I guess. :)

The Navy Christian said...

Nate, you long-haired hippie! LOL! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who grows his hair out. Unfortunately, I have to keep it fairly close because of the Navy.

Stephanie, she's doing so well, but I know for sure that Samantha and Alicia will undoubtedly continue to go to stylists, but we'll have to keep that cheaper.

Demi Woodson said...

Sign up for stuff like Reader Steals and Groupon in your area. I just bought a coupon for Sports Clips for $2. It was half price at $12 and then because Alicia had bought those water camp coupons on my referral I had a $10 credit. You have to delete a lot of deals that just aren't worth it but every now and then there's a great one!

So proud how well you guys are doing following God's plan for you. You are all an inspiration and I miss you guys!