Military Prayer Week

I'm very excited about the potential for this year's Military Prayer Week. Last year, several of you took part by reading the morning and evening prayers for the United States military. I appreciate the fact that you did that, and I look forward to even more taking part this year.

What is Military Prayer Week?
Military Prayer Week is one week a year where we set aside everything else and simply pray for our military personnel. I hope and assume that many of you pray for the military at various times throughout the year, but for the week of Veteran's Day in November, we set aside some other things and really focus our hearts for God on behalf of those in uniform.

What all does it entail?
Why not click on this link and see the first one from last year? I think you'll get a good look at what we pray for and how we go about it.

How does it work?
Each morning from the 8th of November until the 12th, I will post a simple prayer, much like the one above, on the website. It is only a guide, so you are free to pray as you like. However, it is an opportunity to pray with a likemindedness with other believers around the country who care deeply for the men and women who serve. Then, in the evening, I post a second prayer to close out the day.

What's all the fuss?
Not sure why you should set aside a week to pray for the military? Take a look at these posts and see why!

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Please spread the word by forwarding this link to your friends, church contacts, and family. I do believe a revival can happen in the military. We just need to get things going with prayer!

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