Military Prayer Week Starts Monday!

Monday starts the second annual Military Prayer Week on Navy Christian! I'm very excited that over 50 people are going to join in praying for the military personnel of America. I'm grateful for everyone who has joined in the effort. Here is what to expect:

In the morning, each prayer will be for a part of the military career. We'll pray for parts like basic training, apprentice training, the career process, etc. In the evenings, we'll pray for morale stands, moral purity, the Christian walk and witness. In all, we'll pray ten times during the five days of Military Prayer Week.

My desire, from my heart, is that you'll take those ten prayers and let them be the jumping off point for praying specific prayers for specific things for specific military people that you know or know of. We cannot forget that it's not just about a safe return from a deployment. It's about a well run race. Thank you for joining the Military Prayer Week Team and let's go!

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