MPW #1: Basic Training

All military personnel must go through basic training, sometimes called “boot camp.” This training is crucial to the service member’s career because it grounds out the civilian “child” and allows the man or woman to develop. Training like boot camp isn’t just valuable in a military career, but in life. The character that is brought and grown during basic training has carried many individuals throughout post-military life as well.

So this morning, on the first prayer of Military Prayer Week, we pray for basic training. Specifically, please pray for some of the following points:

• Pray that the child entering boot camp will mature quickly and safely into adulthood.
• Pray that the drill instructors will treat their recruits fairly but firmly to develop them into men and women.
• Pray that faith carried into boot camp by believers will not fade as adulthood is brought on.
• Pray that those who do not believe in Christ as they enter basic training will come to faith as the result of the pressure that basic training brings.

If you prefer, you may pray as follows:

Lord of Lords,
Our military men and women start their career as a recruit at a basic training station. Before they can serve their country, they must undergo the rigorous training that is designed to beat out the civilian and encourage the character inside them to emerge. Please bring believers into the military community who will undergo this intense training and won’t let their faith fall away. Please bring unbelieving recruits into contact with believing recruits. Please bring believers into the drill instructor ranks who will firmly and fairly grow our young people as they leave civilian life and become part of our military.

In Christ’s Name,