MPW #3: Initial Technical Training

Once a military service member is finished with basic training (boot camp) he or she proceeds to some sort of inition technical training. Whether this is to learn how to shoot a .50 cal machine gun or work the missile launchers on a nuclear submarine, the new service man or woman must learn his/her trade.

It is during these times that a valuable impact can be made for the kingdom. When I went through "A" School and "C" School, several people had a chance to, and succeeded in, making an impact in my life for God. As an instructor, now back at my old "A" School after 14 years, I pray for the lives of these young Sailor-Students. I pray that they will come to know Christ and to reach thier shipmates.

Even though I can't reach out to them directly, there are those who can. A local Campus Crusade for Christ missionary and his team have made it the mission to reach lost souls and disciple those who come to Christ while they are in technical training. Would you pray for this impact? Both at Great Lakes and training centers all around the world.

You may, if you wish, pray something like this:

 Please guide the young men and women you have placed in technical training. May they grow in the knowledge of their chosen military trade, and may they grow in knowledge of you. If they know you as Savior already, then I pray that they will know you better. If they don't know you personally, then I pray they would find you through a local missionary or through a peer.

In your holy Name,

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