MPW#2: Depth

Pray for Depth
In my experience, the Christian faith in the military tends to run fairly shallow. Of course, there are many, many exceptions to that rule, but just as in civilian life, the church in the military has many people who profess Christ and even truly believe in him, but are not willing to work to improve and increase their faith. If we are ever to change this world and bring in more people to the Kingdom, then that fact must change. Therefore, tonight we pray for depth in faith. Just as we learned this morning that basic training is the jumping off point for any military service member changing from “child” to adult, so is the need for depth in the Christian life. I’m telling you right now…if we’re going to see a stronger faith in the military, we must pray for depth for the believers that are already in the military.

I want nothing more than to see a change in the military. That’s why I work so hard at mentoring young sailors, both believers and non-believers. God has developing this in my heart and it has shown to be effective in many of my men. Groups like the Navigators and Campus Crusade for Christ, to name a few, also work hard to build depth in the faith of our service men and women.

So tonight, before going to sleep, please pray that military personnel would grow deeper in relationship to Christ and in their faith in him. If you would like, you may pray as follows:

In order to add souls to the Kingdom, believers need a solid relationship with you. It is because of that fact that we pray for the depth in the faith of those in the military who profess you as Lord. Please draw them closer to you and put a fire in their heart to make them want to know you more. Grow their faith and give them more faith as they grow.

In Christ’s Name,

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