MPW #5: First 72 Hours

Those of us who have been in the military know the feeling. It's somewhere in between extreme anxiety and absolute joy, at least for a young Sailor. You're standing on the pier looking up at a gray behemoth, with it's guns, missiles, radars, antennas, and other equipment...she's yours, or is it the other way around? At any rate, she's your first duty station after training. Get ready for the ride of your life!

While getting to one's first duty station is exhilarating, there are a number of realities that settle in immediately. Initial qualifications must be gained, family members must be moved (for those already married), initial deployments are staring the young service member in the face, and other issues that can rob the new member of joy.

And for some, the initial freedom that mom and dad no longer call the shots really sets in. Those who had been in the faith can fall away and those who had no faith to begin with can run even further from God. The Navy believes that we have 72 hours to save or lose a new service member upon arrival. If he or she gets in with the wrong crowd, then it is very difficult to get that Sailor back. If he gets in with a good mentor however, then there is a great deal of hope.

So this morning, pray for the first 72 hours. Particularly, pray that those who are believers, whatever thier maturity, will find a good friend and mentor immediately upon arrival. It is that important!

Please guide our young servicemen and women as they arrive at their first commands, particularly in the first 72 hours as we understand that this is where a member can be won or lost. Even more so, Father, for those who are in the faith or who may be close to coming into the faith. Please bring Christians into their lives immediately so that they might know you upon arrival to their first command.

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