MPW #6 Situations

It is at this point that we change just a little bit to focus a little more on boldness. For the remainder of the week, the evening prayers will be for praying that service members will reach out to share Christ with their fellow service members.

Pray tonight for situations to occur that will allow a believer to share Christ with an unbeliever. There really isn't much else to say about this. The simple fact is that the Gospel tends to get shared through situations. My old mentor used to say that transitions and trouble could bring about an opportunity to serve for the Kingdom. Or, in another word: Situations.

So tonight, pray for situations to arise that will allow believers to share faith with unbelievers!

Please allow situations to arise that will let believers share their faith with unbelievers in the military. You know what each believer in the military is capable of, what situations fit them best, and where they can serve best. Please bring about situations that will allow these abilities to come out for the good of the Kingdom. Mostly, Father, please bring about situations that can allow believers to share the Savior that has rescued them.

In Christ's Name,

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