MPW #9: Pray for those with longevity

As we wrap up our Military Prayer Week, we emphasize this morning the idea that some in the military will truly "make a career" of it, meaning that they will go to the 20 year mark or longer, when they will be eligible for retirement. It's definitely not for everyone, and as I counsel young men as a mentor, I never urge someone to do it who's heart isn't in it. The deployments, work-ups, and duty days just aren't worth it.

However, for those who are in it for the long run, it is a rewarding career, yet they need prayer. Burnout is definitely possible, especially when sea tours (meaning the time that a sailor is attached to one ship) can be up to five years at a time. It is possible to simply become tired. So for that reason, let's pray this morning for those who are making a career of the military, that they and their faith may stay strong!

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