MPW#8 Taking a Moral Stand

Early in my tour on the USS Antietam, while we were about half way through a deployment to the Persian Gulf, some of my shipmates decided to shame me by playing pornography on a computer in our shop as a joke. They did this of course because of a major moral stand that I took. I was embarrassed and yes, ashamed, leaving the shop in disgust and anger.

Yet in the end, I had taken a stand, and I have done so since then as well, particularly against pornography, but also against other things. Also, taking a moral stand isn't always in a negative connotation. It isn't always being "against" something, even though that is the common thought. You can be "for" something as well, and those are also the types of stands we are praying for tonight.

So pray with me that our military personnel will take the right moral stand at the right time and in the right manner so that others might know without a doubt that they follow something higher, something bigger than themselves. May God get the glory!

Heavenly Father,
Tonight we pray for strength, Lord. We pray that those who serve you in the military might be strong enough to take a stand against all forms of evil in the workplace, whether it be sexual immorality, cheating, lying, insubordination, or other forms of sinful behavior. May they be strong enough also to take a stand for important positions as well, such as your grace, your love, and your willingness to save. Make your servants bold, Father, for your glory.

In Christ's Name,

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