1st Contest on Navy Christian

Interesed in a contest? Good! I'm giving away a copy of Wild at Heart, by John Eldridge. I've read the book a few times and I have absolutely loved his follow on book, Fathered by God. I picked up a second copy of WAH in order to give to a believer in the future, and I think the future is now. It's time to give that book away! The winner will also receive a copy of my book, The Art of Defense.

Here's how to enter:

First, if you don't subscribe to The Navy Christian, do so now. You can do that by clicking at the top right of this webpage, either in a reader or by email. Then email me or comment below and let me know you did it. That will count as one entry.

Second, on the upper left hand corner of my blog, there is a "Share TNC" link. Share this blog on your facebook, and let me know you did it, and I will count that as an entry. At the end of the week, I will put all of the names in a hat and reveal on Sunday who won the contest.

My hope is that we can expand The Navy Christian in the new year and reach more military personnel with the hope of the Gospel and train them, and their families, how to be strong in the Lord. Please help by getting the word out, and hopefully you'll win a book in the process!

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