Message to Chaplains...Video

The video below is my thoughts for chaplains in a more personal manner regarding Don't Ask Don't Tell. Before attaching it to the website, I had already received a rather discouraging comment. Here is my video...if you go to the Youtube site you can see the comment left for me.

My heart breaks for Chaplains. I'm not worried about the average sailor. I don't foresee us being in trouble about following Christ in the military, but I do think it might come to blows for chaplains. Remain strong, and God be with you.

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del said...

Excellent advice and encouragement, Dan. Bless you for your care and concern for chaplains!

Just an additional thought...the issue is bigger that just chaplains, however:
Chaplains will assist anyone who comes their way, homosexual or not. They will not lose their career because they did not try to care for a homosexual..they will lose their career if they are told they cannot preach, teach or counsel according to their faith-group tenets...and they continue to do so. Besides the immorality of the issue, religious freedom is what is at stake. And not just for chaplains! The Christian, whether enlisted or officer, will also be affected if religious liberty is not preserved. If the chaplain cannot speak to the issue according to Biblical Truth, then neither can anyone else. So, for example, you would not be able to lead a Bible study addressing homosexuality as sin or probably not ever be able to speak against it in any context. Such is the way it is in the Canadian Armed Forces. So, your thoughts are great thoughts for ANY Sailor who wants to live for Christ without compromise. Keep it up ...and PRAY!