Reach the Military...Reach the Country!

One of my biggest beliefs is that if we can reach our military for Christ, then we'll reach our country. My theory is this: We see a spiritual revival in the US Military by the year 2016, then we'll see a spiritual revival in our country by the year 2020. See more below:


Mark n Misti said...

I too believe we will see a revival soon, but outside of the church walls. I also believe this will be a year of acceleration for myself, as well as many other in the body of Christ this year!


The Navy Christian said...

Sadly, I agree. I mean, it's not sad, but it is sad. I don't care how a revival happens, as long as it does. I have a friend who believes almost solely in a non-organized church revival and I agree with him, which means I agree with you. A revival in the military would almost require a revival without a church I guess.

Since I grew up in the church though, I wish it could come through the church. Just my nostalgia I guess.