Tuesday Tech: Missionsbox App

For the last several Tuesdays, I've discussed some sort of technology on The Navy Christian. Now that I have an i-Phone, reading up on and enjoying Linux isn't the only thing I'm doing. My i-Phone is providing me hours of testing time for apps. Of course, some of those are games, but many, like last week's review of the NavPress memorizing app are productive. Today I share with you the Missionsbox app for i-Phone.

Missionsbox is put out by Gospel for Asia and has kept my interest for two weeks or so now. Every day I log in and see a quote or verse that has inspired me to pray for missions. It is particularly timely as I now devote every Monday to a persecuted country...places that certainly need prayer and a missions presence. My wife and I used to support a missionary to Nepal and India through GFA. India is number 26 on the top 50 persecuting countries, so it has always been a reminder to pray.

I've shared many of the quotes on my Facebook page and some quotes have generated a good amount of conversation both on FB and in my daily living. It's one of my absolute favorite apps. If you have an Android-powered phone, click HERE to see the app for droid. You'll be glad you downloaded this one!

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