Somalia and Persecuted Christians

It probably doesn't come as much of a surprise to learn that Somalia makes the list for the most persecuted countries. It is home to pirates, Islamic extremists, and anarchy. Why wouldn't it be the home of persecuted Christians? The only surprise might be to what extent Christians are persecuted there that would make Somalia number 4 on the list of countries. Al Shabaab, the extremist group in Somalia that is responsible for several terrorist attacks, recently killed a convert to Christianity near the Kenyan border, according to The Voice of the Martyr website. Christianity makes up less than 1% of the population in Somalia and if the militants have their way, that number will shrink substantially.

Essentially no above-ground church exists in the country and there are no provisions in any kind of Somali law that allows for free expression of faith, according to Open Doors. Persecution comes primarily from family and the clan structure.

It is impossible to pray for the fall of Somalia as there isn't much of a country at all. A very weak transitional government exists, but it is unable to fend for itself against the extremists. In recent years, the army of Kenya made up the bulk of Somalia's military. No Christian can hope for freedom if a foreign military is providing the government's protection.

Instead, pray for the underground church and pray for peace in that country. Pray that, even if just for a time, the church can catch a breather to heal and prepare for the future. Somalia is a country desperately in need of hope, and our best chance of that as a church is through prayer. Please devote some time today to pray for Somalia.

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