Afghanistan, Part II

Last week I wrote about Afghanistan and persecuted Christians. I said that the country has gotten slightly better, by sheer numbers as they have moved from 4th place in the world to 6th place. Obviously we would all hope for more so that our brothers and sisters over there would be better off. Nevertheless, I was celebrating a small victory.

Now I'm a little sick to my stomach. According to the newest reports from Open Doors, Afghanistan is now at #3 in the world.  My sincere desire in writing about persecuted countries is to heighten the number of prayers going forward to support them, and yet here I find myself reporting that the enemy has retaken some ground...a lot of ground, actually. This hurts my soul.

It would seem as though the enemy is attempting to reset the progress made and return to what  is written about in the book Kabul 24, which I have reviewed in the past. It was a fascinating book, if not a bit scary. Part of me wants to pray and go, and part of me understands the fear that keeps many of us in the United States.

Would you ever find yourself in Afghanistan? Some of you would as part of the United States military. That's not what I mean as we cannot witness openly to Afghans in uniform. I mean would you be willing to go without the military? It's a tough question to answer, in my opinion. I have to either be fearless or lie.

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