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Let's face it...many Christians are into politics. They tend, from my very unscientific study, to lean conservative in politics and on social issues. That means that they tend to lean, or outright embrace, the Republican party. I am and have been for several years, an independant voter. Some of my views stand in complete opposition to the majority of conservative Christians. That's one of the reasons I've kept silent about politics on this blog. Another reason I've done so is because I think the cause of Christ is more important than the cause of elections.

Many will disagree with that last statement (I'm picturing a few of you in my mind's eye right now). Some believe that we can change things spiritually by changing the environment in which the spiritual takes place. I do think that in some ways, this might be the case. And truth be told, there is something to be savored about a theocracy, providing it's a theocracy I agree with. Since we Americans are so independent that we have 35 denominations of Christians alone (although Mormons and Catholics are attached to that number), it does beg concern about how a theocracy would work. Who's theocracy shall we choose? Nevertheless, legislating morality seems to be enticing to many.

No, I don't hold that view. Christ did not do that while on earth, so it doesn't make sense for me to do it, or to push for it. I got so angry during the 2010 elections that I vowed on Facebook to walk away from politics altogether. Yet I see another issue at hand.

Christ told us to render unto Caeser what is Caeser's. In America, we render our taxes, our votes and our voices to our government, and until after the Vietnam War, our sons in the military. There's a future tie-in there and I'll do it in the next several weeks. Anyway, where does that leave me? That leaves me with a need to address more political issues on The Navy Christian. After all...Sailors have to vote too.

I will address more political issues on TNC. My real desire someday is for someone to come on board to be a political columnist for TNC and free me up to do what I would rather do. If you're that person, please contact me.


kc bob said...

My thinking is pretty similar to yours. I am a bit of a blue dog. http://www.kansasbob.com/2010/01/am-i-blue-dog.html

The Navy Christian said...

Wow! I like this! I just got done reading your post and I truly think it describes me.