Admiral Roughead on the DADT Repeal

I know this is a few days old, but I had wanted to take some time to work through it on my own before posting it. Admiral Roughead posted a few days ago a video about the future of the Navy as Don't Ask Don't Tell gets repealed. You can listen to the video HERE.

In the end, he doesn't really say much about the issue, even though it's really on the hearts of many former military service members. I say it that way because Facebook is more lit up by retirees and ex-military than current military. That makes a lot of sense considering most of us have been told not to comment. Most of you already know what I think on the subject, at least as a Christian. You can read several posts here:

I want to be clear that the repeal has not taken place yet, and won't for a little while still. Once everyone has finished testifying to Congress, and all necessary parties have signed the repeal, then there will be a 60 day period of training and implementation. I expect to be very frustrated during that time. I remember when we first got female sailors on my ship. It was more of a mess to get the training conducted and the sensitivity workshops done than it was to have women on board.

For those who are interested in reading the NAVADMIN that details at least some of the process, click HERE. Otherwise, feel free to read some of the writing I've done on the subject by clicking my two most popular articles below.

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