Mentoring Spiritual Orphans Part I

I've read several blogs about finding one's passion. Generally, I don't like reading them, because I have never had a great deal of confidence in doing so. My belief is that one must do what God has laid out for him at the given moment. Don't worry about passion. If you're doing what God wants you to do, then passion is secondary. Nevertheless, God has shown me what my passion is over time. Now, there are several things I love to do in the Kingdom work. I love missions and learning about them, I love preaching on the very off chance I get to do it, and I love writing. But my strength, my God-given power, is mentoring.

On one hand, this is the perfect thing to have as a strength. After all, Jesus said to go and make disciples. However, the truth is that we have plenty of disciple-makers. There are evangelists, missionaries, preachers, teachers, and just regular, powerful, soul-winners, all making disciples of Jesus Christ. Yet what I have learned over the last five years or so is that there are plenty of spiritual orphans running around without a clue as to how to live life in the Kingdom.

That is where guys like me come in to play; only there aren't enough of us. We have a strength that many in Christianity possess, even if they don't want to acknowledge it. The difference is that we use it to help believers out. We try as much as possible to rescue spiritual orphans.

Tomorrow I'll show you the anatomy of a Spiritual Orphan. Please read today and tomorrow's post with a willingness to listen to the Spirit and be ready to start mentoring someone!


Kansas girl said...

Amen. Thanks for letting God use you in this very important way.

The Navy Christian said...

You know took a long time to finally realize my gifts. I'm just thankful that God allowed me to work with Him in this.