Christian Blog Carnival

This week I have the honor of hosting the Christian Blog Carnival on The Navy Christian. I've been hoping for the opportunity for a long time now, so I was really happy to hear that I was being given the chance.

First, Ridge offers an interesting take on SHAME. Even if you don't agree with everything he writes, you'll come away with a renewed sense of what sin is in our lives.

Next, Aaron, over at the chiefest, gives an intriguing take on the prospect of super-computers taking over the world, or at least the prospects of them taking over humanity in terms of intelligence and power.

Read up on what Mason suggests in his article Labels End the Conversation, over at New Ways Forward. If you don't read it, you might just be proving his point!

Over at Free Money Finance there is a good article, with a great question, how how to give to the poor, and how much is enough. The greatest thing about that article is the wealth of responses. Really interesting.

Rhonda, blogging from Her Christian Home, suggests ways to wake up in the morning counting your blessings. It has helped me wake up and count mine!

Want to know who to follow on Twitter? Click over to Biblical Learning Blog to learn who. come I'm not on that list! Just kidding! It's a good list by far.

Others that I liked:
Christian Inspiration: How to Accept Yourself 
One Money Design: The Bible's Connection Between Debt and Slavery 
Keyboard Theologians: A Scary Prayer  (A somber, but blessed read)
Inspiks: Living in the Joy of Christ 
Thinking in Christ: Free Speech and Hate Speech 
Going into all the Earth: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob 
Sacred Raisin Cakes: Secular Authority and Us 
Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength: What did we lose in the Fall?
Barry Wallace: More on Conflict and its Causes 
Crossroads: Better WOF Teachers and Pastors? 

And finally, a word from my own vault, about my struggles as a man serving Christ in a place I didn't necessarily want to be in while looking wistfully at the place I will never forget.


Weekend Fisher said...

Thank you for hosting! It's much appreciated.

Take care & God bless

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting me in your blog carnival, Dan.

Aaron Cooley