Japan: Nuclear Wasteland or Media Overstatement?

One thing that bothers me about all the talk of the nuclear fallout that isn't really happening in Japan is that it is taking focus away from the real issue, which is helping the Japanese people recover and bringing them to Christ wherever and whenever possible. Instead, American are feeling like nuclear fallout might be landing in America and we're all going to start sprouting extra body parts soon. Somehow, our own safety (from a mostly imagined threat) has overcome our heart's requirement to respond in love for fellow humans who need us and need our God.

From Osaka missionaries Paul and Rickie Clark: “It's been a wondrous thing to see the church in  Japan  muster immediate and substantial aid...We find fault with how the U.S. media has overstressed the threat from the nuclear facilities to the point of agitating the Japanese themselves...To our sorrow the “nuclear threat” has overshadowed the relief needs of the victims stretching all the way up the northeast coast of [the main island]—port towns and small fishing villages one after the other...Even as many of the refugees from the disaster become spread about the whole country—as far far-flung as Okinawa—the immediate need for food and water remains crucial..." 

Let us as believers do the right thing: Let us commit our safety to the Father and do what we can for the Japanese. Let us pray for them and send our resources. We can be a light for Christ, or we can shrivel up in our own fears. Which do you want to be?

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