Japan Update: Hearts are changing!

I apologize for not being more active on the blog. I have been sick for several days and I just haven't had the ability to do much of anything. That's the opposite of what I want to do though because my heart is in getting the word out about Japan as much as I can.

You may remember me talking a few days ago about a missionary on the Misawa Air Base who said that he's seeing more interest from both Japanese and American airmen. I was extremely happy to hear the news, and began praying more for Japanese hearts to be opened, as well as the hearts of American service personnel. Here is an update from missionaries Phil and Kim Kornegay in the Tokyo area:

“Already we are seeing an increased interest in seeking God and opportunities to give Him glory—great things will come from this tragedy! As I was with a group buying water to go to damaged areas this week, the Japanese shoppers around us were surprised that 'regular' people were making such efforts to help.”

This is exactly what we want to see happening! May God get the glory and may souls come to Him through this effort!

There is still much to do. I reported immediately after the quake on the status of a Japanese preacher named Toshiaki Chida, who with his wife Sachiko minister in Sendai. Here is an update from him: “Right now we know at least two families who are urgent in need of help. Their houses were washed away by the tsunami. We want to do our best to help them as soon as possible. Please pray for us that we may be a good hand of God to bring His Love.”

From Karen Viljoen, a missionary we support in Northern Japan, reporting on behalf of a missionary they know in Tokyo: "Tim just received a call from one of our CRASH volunteers who drove up north on Monday. They found a school with 1000 evacuees who haven't received help from anyone yet. Praise the Lord for this, and ask Him to help us find others."

Keep praying for the missionaries and churches in Japan! I think we will see fruit very soon!

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