Japan...additional thoughts...

I went swimming today...it was wonderful! I am out of practice, so the 500 meters felt like a half marathon, but it was nice to be in the water again. Doing laps in the pool reminded me of my time in San Diego, where for a stretch I was at the pool almost every day either in the morning before work or during lunch. When I came home, the news on TV reminded me of what I've been praying for, and asking you to pray for, for several days now.

Japan is still in a bad way. Yet despite it all, I am hopeful that my adopted people might begin turning toward Christ. From the Cadence team in Japan, which primarily ministers to the US Military, but also does some outreach to the Japanese:

"The Utechts (Cadence missionaries at Misawa AB) are doing well amidst the shortages that have become the normal for all in Northern Japan . There are shortages of food, gasoline, fuel oiling (for heating), and propane (for cooking). Their location is significantly north of the troubled nuclear reactor and they have no significant indicators of potential danger from that situation.

In the midst of all this they are discovering a rich harvest time for the gospel. Misawa is a joint base with an American section and a Japanese section and the Utechts are actively ministering to both communities. Rick said both communities are more receptive to the Gospel than ever before. Please pray with the Utechts for a Japanese speaker to join them soon because of the receptiveness of the Japanese folks to discuss the gospel in one on one situations. They will continue with ministry there."

As I was asked to pray for a Japanese partner, I now ask you, my readers, to pray as well. Oh, Father, please give a new heart to the Japanese near and on Misawa Air Base. Please also provide a minister to meet your needs in that area. Amen!!!

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