Thoughts on Libya

With all of the sadness and destruction in Japan, and my heart being so poured out over it, I haven't had time to really think about Libya. Oh, and I'm a husband, a dad, a grad student, and an instructor...not much time for anything. Those are excuses for not writing, I know...but it's life.

So what do I think about Libya? Well, first of all, I used to dream about being at war with Tripoli as a boy. It was one of those countries that I just knew I would be a hero against. Maybe that was why I was practically beside myself when we started shooting.

I remember vividly when we went to war with Iraq. Again, I was on shore duty (Thank you Jesus for protecting me!). I watched as an old Gunny, who was a Marine classifier, stared in disbelief and anger at the TV as it showed videos of our tanks moving across the border into Iraq. He was very upset. And it was all because he wanted to be there. He was a was only right.

I don't know if I'm a warrior, but I am a sailor, and a true sailor will always be drawn to the sea, to do things that sailors do. When I heard that ships were firing missiles at Libya, I felt sadness and frustration. I've missed yet another shooting match. I've never been on a ship firing in anger. I've escorted carriers which launched planes against foreign powers, and I've spent time off of East Timor and Korea...but never have I been in a shooting match.

I'm not saying that I want to lose my life in some sort of martyr's battle. I'm just saying that I wish I had been over there for the fight. Can any of you old salts understand?


Steve said...


I was in boot when Reagan sent planes into Tripoli back in '86. Operation El Dorado as I remember, I pretty sure they flew off the Saratoga (CV60). Also Air Force from England, which France wouldn't let use their airspace.

Cursed Frenchies. Wasn't it Patton who said, "I'd rather have two German divisions in front of me, than one French division behind me."?

I also planed attacks on Libya as a boy. Marines invaded through the Gulf of Sidra while Army forces came in through Chad. Haha. We ARE alike. Luckily for us all, I was never involved in aggressive negotiations, being a Bubblehead on a boomer, nobody wanted us involved!

I did own a t-shirt that said, "24 empty tubes. A mushroom cloud. It's Miller time!" Ahhh...the good old days of the cold war.

The Navy Christian said...

Man...seriously...awesome tshirt! A big part of me wishes I had been in during the Cold War.

I know the French have caused problems before, but they have been involved in the latest round against Libya, thankfully. They have seemingly decided to do the right thing.