For Joplin

I grew up about a half hour away from Joplin, just across the border in Girard, Kansas. I've been to Joplin many, many times, and as I watched the horrors taking place last Sunday evening, I recognized some of the names of buildings that were severely damaged or no longer there.

A few weeks ago I was writing extensively about Japan and the horrors of the tsunami. I didn't know anyone who lived in Sendai personally, but my heart for the Japanese people made hurting for them easy. My soul ached...and it aches now.

Living in a faced-paced world forces a person's attentions to shift quickly. Most people aren't thinking about Sendai anymore, and even I've struggled to write about it. I haven't heard any new updates from my limited contacts in the region so naturally I have little to write about.

As my attention turns to Joplin, I wonder how long it will remain in the news? Another week maybe? Then the next crisis will come into our minds and we'll move on.

Thankfully, that time hasn't happened yet. A blogging friend of mine over at Six:11 Ministries has written a great article about churches working in Joplin. It's a very worthwhile read. For those who desire a chance to donate for relief efforts, you can do so through a church in Joplin, called Ignite Church. That church is serving as a shelter even as we speak and plans to continue doing so as long as it is able.

I realize that I've been a bit cynical in this post, but the important thing is that there are folks helping out wherever they can. This is the good news in action. It spurs us as a church to do great things. From teaching illiterate tribesmen how to read to being a shelter in a storm, some of the greatest acts of mercy and kindness come from the church and I'm proud to be a part of it.


Roy Smith , Joplin, Mo said...

There are a lot of churchs in Joplin doing the exact same thing as Ignite Chuch, they just haven't reciveded the media attention that I C has.I would suggest that your readers might check out thier web sites,and spread the wealth.

Alicia said...

Roy, that is great to hear! If you could post the websites to some of those churches here it would help the readers of Navy Christian a bunch!

The Navy Christian said...

I didn't mean to say that other churches weren't doing anything. It was just the only one I could find information about on a website. My friend at six:11 mentioned another church as well and I know that many churches are focused on it, as churches tend to's what makes us great. Please let me know about more and I'll write about it. I'd love to get the word out!

Bill Heath said...

The USN Yokosuka hospital staff take trips to Iwaki and help a Children's Hospital that the USN helped to build after WWII for severly handicapped. Then go to Iwaki Mission Center to bring donations to the unemployed and needy from the Tsunami. Also there is continued debris removal which we help individual families through the community center. Still much to do. It is always a blessing to do with others to help others. Next week I begin a series of devotions with the chaplain on "Natural Disasters: Mother Nature or Acts of God". May it speak to hearts to consider God as the creator and giver of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

The Navy Christian said...

This is awesome news! I saw a report on 60 Minutes the other day about Fort Bragg, California sending support to a small town near Sendai, and that did my heart good as well. I'm hoping to hear more in the future regarding believers' efforts both in Joplin and the Sendai region. I know there is still much to do.