Can Christians Accept a Mormon President?

I've sworn off politics more times than I can count, but lets face it: I'm an American and I love politics like I love good train-wreck video footage. So here I am again, focusing on something I loathe. Maybe like me, you couldn't get too far from it if you wanted to, or maybe you just don't want to. For those who are Christians, this election season brings a very interesting situation: The very real possibility that we will have to choose between the suspect spirituality of President Barack Obama or Former Massechussettes Governor Mitt Romney, who is Mormon.

There will be some Christians, and I have heard from them during the last Republican primary, that say it's better to have someone who at least believes in family values in the White House than the current President. I will say to you right now that you are fooling yourself. Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and as such he is just as much on his way to hell as anyone else who does not believe in Jesus Christ alone as Savior. Deal with it.

Now, if you want to vote for Romney for other reasons (you like his economic policy, healthcare initiative, etc), then go right ahead. This blog will never tell you who to vote for. However, I will without remorse tell you not to vote for him because you think he has Christian values. You, dear brother and sister, will be looking at him from across the gulf when Christ returns, and that is unfortunate.


Alicia said...

If a true Christian brings their faith into their politics, then those decisions should be based on Christ crucified because that is the basis of our faith.

Family values, morals, all those "good things" are no different then what the Pharisees of Jesus's day were pursuing. They worked for a hollow goodness that left the Messiah out.

I understand how difficult it is to vote when neither candidate is a believer. However, it doesn't help to pretend one of the candidates does fall in this category when they don't. Instead, it's time to just be still and admit that Godly leaders are hard to come by.

The good news is that the entire New Testament shows us what it was like to live under rulers who didn't fear God. If we ever wonder how to react, we can look there!

The Navy Christian said...

I especially loved your comment that "it's time to just be still and admit that Godly leaders are hard to come by." You're absolutely right. Thank you for your very wise thoughts!