Running for President

My boss, Mr. Barrack Obama, is lucky I'm still in the Navy. Otherwise, I'd run on the Republican ticket against him. I stand about as much chance as the current 9 pretenders who are running. Of course, that chance is nearly zero, but still, I stand as much of a chance as they do. Only Mitt Romney is raising any major cash, and that presents a major problem for Christians trying to decide who to vote for.

Or at least it should. For those wanting to make sure Christian principles and values are in the White House, Mitt Romney poses a big problem: He's Mormon. So is another big candidate: Jon Huntsman. Christians, brothers and sisters, this is not Christian values. I shouldn't have to say that, but I do, because even Liberty University messed it up by having Glen Beck speak on campus, and sending a group to his rally in D.C. Let me make this plain, Christians: If you want to have a Christian in the White House, you cannot vote for Mitt Romney or Jon Huntsman. Sadly, Romney may be the best shot at beating Obama.

All that to say, I might as well run for President for all the chance this field has.


Steve said...

Amen, Brother!

You'd have my vote!

My take on Glen B.

The Navy Christian said...

Thanks for the encouragement! Alicia will not be happy though...LOL! Anyway, thank you also for your thoughts on Beck.

Steve said...

I hear ya!

Patty hates the limelight that comes from being a PASTOR'S wife, much less POTUS's wife!

The Navy Christian said...

Oh man! I didn't even think about that! Maybe we'll try for Congress first to ease her into it! HA!