We Need More Political Options

America needs more independent political options, and it's time that Congress and the White House make efforts to fix the problem. We already know the major issues regarding health care, the economy, taxes, abortion rights, and foreign policy. There is a growing number of independents, like myself, who are being courted by the right and left, but herein lies the problem. There is no third party for us.

Take foreign policy for example. Take also the two men vying for the 10th District in Illinois, wherein I live. The incumbent, a Republican, is Congressman Robert Dold. I met him while watching a parade in Libertyville. He is challenged by Democrat Robert McKenzie. I met some of his volunteer staff in Lake Forest. I probably don't need to tell you that Congressman Dold wants to challenge countries like Iran, protect Israel, and hold North Korea accountable. McKenzie believes that foreign policy can best work through economic policy. I don't mean to be too cynical, but seriously...bet you saw that coming didn't you? The point here is that there are no original thoughts. Every one of their issues is the same thing you get from any other party-line official.

That's why we need a new party, or several of them. Let alone the issue of Christians needing someone to actually represent them and still anyone can see the need for additional parties, or at least a general support for independent candidates. We'll deal with what a Christian could really use in later posts, but let's face it, the Republicans and Democrats are just flat out diametrically opposed to one another.

Did you hear that America? It's time for more options.

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