Accountability in Weight Loss

I've somehow done it again. Once again I've come to realize that I simply can't make it happen without God and some accountability. After putting close to 10 pounds back on after losing so many, I'm hoping I've hit a wall...that waking up is right around the corner. The fact is that I need to be right there. I need at least the hope of being close to getting my life squared away.

Part of me knew that this was going to happen; maybe all of me did. I had been clicking along so well, and then I just took a few days off here and there after the success of everything. I made Chief Petty Officer, I lost a lot of weight, got promoted officially (it was nearly a 7 week process), and now I'm in danger of losing everything I've worked for.

But isn't that the problem with a stronghold like gluttony? I wrote on my main blog today that Gluttony is essentially making my belly my god. It's a painful reminder that I can and will fail if left to my own devices, which brings me to my next point.

Making a god out of your belly rejects accountability. I don't want others to know what's going on in my life right now because a lot of it equals over-eating. I've got to fight back against myself, get my accountability going, and move forward. It's ugly, but it's my reality. My goal is still intact. I want to weight in for my next PFA without being taped. You can read more about how the Navy PRT program works by clicking on the blue.

Do you struggle with gluttony? Or with accountability?

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