Class 224A graduates A School

The only class I actually took all the way through the US Navy's Applied Technical Training course (actually, I missed the last two weeks) was Class 224A. Because of that, or maybe in spite of it, I have had a very special relationship with this group of young sailors. I hope that, in some way, I was able to be a part of making them the sailors they will be out in the fleet. Their training is far from over, but for now, they can rest easy knowing that they have accomplished a very difficult task in getting through A School. Well done!

Here are "my kids":

It was really a joy to be your instructor (ok, Oneal, most of the time it was), and I hope that you do very well out in the fleet. I look forward to seeing you out there and learning about what you've become in your careers. Well done and good luck! 

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