Getting the Word out about Mentoring

I can't explain it to you. Maybe it's just my "burden." I don't know. All I know is that I am desperate for Christians to figure out this mentoring thing. I don't know how to do it. I have, in the very theoretical sense, told the world about mentoring. Sometimes my website will pop up as a search on Google or Yahoo about mentoring, but not as often as I'd like, which means that the world isn't exactly banging on my door to find out more. I'm not being asked by preachers to come tell them how to make it work in their churches. In short, the world continues to move forward and the message of mentoring isn't.

By no means am I God's only mouthpiece on mentoring. I'm just one of the few that believe it's not only for youth groups and after school programs. Professionals, ministers, factory workers...all of us need mentors. I've been in the same career field for over 15 years and I have mentors, or at least have had, I'm transitioning right now since my move to North Chicago.

I can see in my mind's eye what a church would look like if it really decided to make mentoring important. My heart aches because I know it could work, and yet it isn't in use, at least not on a widespread level.

So I will continue to pray about it and talk about mentoring. I am grateful that God has shown me so much about mentoring, and I will endeavor to keep telling others!

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