A Heart for Mentoring

The Navy recently advanced me to the awesome rank of Chief Petty Officer. I'm humbled (and was humbled during the 6.5 weeks of induction) for the trust and faith the Navy has placed in me. It is a small example of the same kind of trust that I placed in two CPOs when I first arrived onboard the USS Mobile Bay in early 1998. Those two men became fathers to me, and I owe a great deal of both my career and my spiritual maturity to them. I hope that I will be the same type of Chief Petty Officer they were: Good leaders, good listeners, and good advisors.

My heart remains for mentoring, and in the next several weeks, you will be able to see it more and more as I increase the level of commitment toward my writing and the work it allows me to do in the field of mentoring. The Lord, for whatever reason, has seen fit to refrain from sending many young Sailors my way for mentoring at this time, and so I shall rest a little, define the ministry as it is and will be, and set out again in the future. Part of that will be through writing, and as such you'll see a great deal more.
So stand by and get ready to see a real focus on my God-given strength!

Mentoring is vital, not just for my brothers and sisters in the Navy, but in the church. Stay tuned!

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