Competition 1 of 2012: MWR Indoor Triathlon

Competition 1 of 2012: MWR Indoor Triathlon

Part of what makes weblogs wonderful is that they can act as a sort of journal of activity. 2012 represents a year of change physically for me as I strive to be healthier. So, in the spirit of being better physically, and tracking my progress in this wonderful medium, here is my report from the MWR Indoor Triathlon.

I was completely unprepared for what a triathlon requires. The good thing is that it was broken into three very easy to swallow parts. Still, it was very taxing on my body and showed in painful detail how much further I need to go.

The MWR staff split the event up into three time slots throughout the day, with six possible competitors in each slot. Unfortunately, only two of us showed up for our time slot. I feel bad for the guy I went against because I was horrible competition. He was a student at one of the schools in my command, which was cool. I also learned that he was going to a ship where my former mentor is stationed. That was pretty cool to learn.

The first event was the pool. We were given 10 minutes to swim as many full laps as we could. I managed 6 laps, which was pretty good for me really. Total distance: 300 Meters. Naturally, having not been in a pool in probably six months or more, I was winded fairly quickly, and without goggles my eyes were burning pretty bad. I was honestly embarrassed at myself for being as out of pool condition as I was, but I was convinced that, even if I came in last, it would be a competitive last.

After the pool, we were given ten minutes to get changed before the next event. Once dried and changed, I went to the stationary bike and set it up for my height, etc. I also grabbed my iphone for music. I don't usually race with music, but since it was a stationary bike I was concerned that I would be bored. Besides, I was already to the point where I had wished I hadn't signed up for the tri, so I just needed a distraction. The bike went well though. I was as much of an animal as I could be. 7.05 miles total distance. Not too shabby for 20 minutes of work.

Finally, after another ten minute break, we went to the track. Here's where I realized that I was in trouble. I pride myself on being an avid, if not slow, runner. Unfortunately, after the pool and the bike, my legs were shot. I took my first turn on the gym track and realized my body was not good to go. From my knee down on my left leg I was in horrible pain. Did I stop? No! I kept going very slowly, almost walking at one point. I only got 1.4 miles run in 15 minutes. It is what it is. I'm not happy about it, but like I said, it is what it is. Once the race was over, I walked a cool-down lap and was told the results would be out after all competition was over. I'll update the post as soon as I know...I'm sure I was at the end.

Well, that was my first competition of the New Year. Here's to many great competitions in 2012. Have you had a competition yet? How did it go?

UPDATE: Results!

It took awhile, and a smarter person would hold on to these results and not write about them, but they serve a purpose. Here are my results:

I placed 2nd in my age group! Can yo believe that?!?! Yeah, you guessed it...there were only two people...


boilt frog said...

Bravo! You have started. Keep us posted. MWR means?

How many athletic metaphors does the NT use?

Do not be discouraged. I could do no better. I see that 2/3 of the event is lower body oriented. Is there a reason? Curious, I am not an athlete. How did the triathlon come about?

See I Tim. 4:8. Your perspective on this text vis-a-vis your efforts at physical improvement?

The Navy Christian said...

MWR means "Morale, Welfare, and Recreation" and it's a program on Navy bases for anything from bingo nights to 10k races.

I believe there are several, but I don't know exactly how many. The verse you mention is very thought-provoking. I felt the limited benefit this morning on the scales, and assume I will continue to do so. Are you an athletic person?

Unfortunately, I do not know how the Tri came about. It is a blissful mystery to me at this time. I'm more into half marathons myself.

Unknown said...

Yay for you! I don't know if I would enjoy an indoor triathlon. I hate staionary bikes and forget treadmills! But eventually, and I mean very far future eventually, I might complete a triathlon. I think I'm going to give adventure races a try first, though. After, of course (or maybe before), my half marathon.

I definitely want to know the results. Even if they're bad, they're worth noting.

boilt frog said...

Certified (by myself, paper not required) non-athlete. I don't even watch much.

Consider 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 in addition to the previous text. The benefits of bodily exercise are ephemeral, but Paul here uses them as a means to an end: glorifying Christ through improved performance. The Corinthians would understand the metaphor. The space here does not permit exegesis.

Read your other site. Will pray. Consider children from covenant theology perspective.

Blessings, BF

ps. consider adding contact ability to site.

The Navy Christian said...

Whether from a covenant theology or a free-will system, my children truly believe in Christ as much as a child can. By the by, I do not doubt that she will be fine. For some reason, I actually think that we will see a cure someday. Thanks for looking at the other site.