Praying for Students

Since becoming a Chief Petty Officer, and moving into the role of Lead Instructor, I haven't been in a classroom much at all. The only thing I've done is evaluate a few instructors and teach some staff members. The only dealings I have with students are the occasional counseling, usually for a student being late to class, disruptive, or otherwise "un-sailor-like."

Yet I attempt to remain, as best I can, involved in the lives of students. On my rounds, while officially checking on the instructors that report to me, I am always striking up seemingly random conversations with students. My goal is to find out how they are and how things are going in their class.

The biggest part of remaining involved with the students is through prayer. I am not allowed to discuss spiritual matters with the students, at least not outright, and certainly not allowed to proselytize. Yet I have found that many mornings I can come in to work a little early and pray for them and their day. Or I can do it as I walk around the building. One must never discount the ability to pray. We can pray at any time we want to. We are able to at all times.

Won't you pray a little today for a few minutes for my Sailors? Thanks!

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