Blog Strategy for 2012

The goal of this post is to show you my blog strategy for 2012. You may think that it's kind of late to have a blog strategy for 2012 since we're already on day 4, but I disagree. One must be sure of what he/she plans to do, so if taking a few extra days is what is required to make sure things are what they need to be, then so be it.

So, back to the strategy for 2012, I plan the following:

1.  Focus on health, especially as it relates to the Bible. I have written several articles on gluttony and will continue in that vein. However, I plan to break a little from gluttony this year to put together a plan for writing about how laziness plays a role in being overweight and out of shape. So I'll be moving the focus slightly to include workouts and motivational pieces.

2.  Focus on politics. This year is going to be ugly...very ugly. I suspect that we have only begun to scratch the surface on how devastating these next several months are going to be. I want to help believers navigate through the mess that is going to be 2012 so that we can maintain our faith and maybe even some hope, that the right path will be chosen.

3.  Mentoring. Even though it's not number 1, it is in my heart. For whatever reason, God has made mentoring my strength. I'm good at it. I understand how it works. I want to move more into a specialist role as far as mentoring is concerned, so my articles will move toward that end as well. Also, I hope to publish a short how-to guide on developing a mentoring culture. Obviously I'll let you know how that goes.

4.  As usual, there is a catch-all section, and that's what goes here. Everything from race reports to missionary status reports from Japan will go here, and who knows what else to boot! Should be fun.

Having a strategy does not guarantee that all will be well, but it does hopefully help determine where to go from here. So, on January 4th, I move forward with a strategy of sorts, even if it's not a perfect fit for what most blogging experts would suggest. This is Navy Christian, after all, and I am a Navy Christian. I don't think only about one thing...why would I blog that way?


Stephanie Kay said...

It's never too late to make a plan!

Don the Baptist said...

Looks like it's going to be an information-filled posting year.

Unknown said...

Looks like a good strategy.

The Navy Christian said...

Should be a good year if I can keep up on my goals. Thanks everyone! Here's to a good year for blogging!

Unknown said...

You definitely should post more about your personal doings, especially in the area of gluttony, weight loss, and fitness. If that is a major goal/resolution for you this year, I believe it could be helpful for you to post what it is you're doing to accomplish that.

The Navy Christian said...

True enough. It will determine if I'm able to maintain the goal or not.