Week 1 Biggest Loser Results

I am truly so grateful that I lost any weight at all this week. I know that's not very motivational, but it's true just the same. This week I lost 4 pounds, which again I'm very grateful for. My eating has not come under control, and my workouts aren't great yet. Still, 4 pounds if 4 pounds, and takes me closer to the goal of passing my upcoming Physical Fitness Assessment and winning the Great Lakes CSCSU Biggest Loser!

On a related note, I started my half marathon training plan Monday. Today I'm doing 3 miles as part of the plan I use. You can click here to see it in detail. It was the plan I used for my first half in Carlsbad back in 2010 and worked well for me then. I'm not sure yet about what race I will be running first this year. A lot will depend on when our third child shows up, which of course is a bigger priority to me than running.


boilt frog said...

congratulations! 4lb a week is a rapid rate. What is your goal? The running plan is going to help.

"third child shows up" a pregnancy?

If so, double congratulations.

The Navy Christian said...

I hope to lose 30 pounds in three months. Yes, the 4 pounds is a great start, and a fast start, but I suspect that will slow down considerably since most of that was probably just junk weight like water, etc.

We are having our 3rd child in April, a little girl. We're totally excited!

Unknown said...

4 lbs the first week is a good start. And that was without controlling for anything. So, when you DO start conrolling for things (I'm sure you have already started that process), you will most definitely see good results.

Good luck with the half! One of these days I will select the one I want to do. But I am training for it now nonetheless.

The Navy Christian said...

Thanks for your encouragement Nate! I do appreciate it!