Spurgeon on Prayer

"We are a large church, and should be doing more for the Lord in this great city. I want us to ask Him to send us some new work; and if we need money to carry it on, let us pray that the means may also be sent."

I want to pray like this.


Chris Sanchez said...

I want to pray like this too! Just as important, I want ALL of our churches to pray like this.

The Navy Christian said...

Amen Chris! Let it be so!

boilt frog said...

Can you give us the reference for this quote?

If we pray like this He may answer if we are faithful to use what He has already given us.

Chris S. is right.

The Navy Christian said...

You know what? I turned that book in already. There's another good quote in it too, though, so next time I'm at the library I'll get it again and post.